All of the books I will list here have an intellectual and philosophical message that came at a pivotal time in my life.  I want to describe what kind of impact these books had on my personal growth and their timeliness.  Books have a way of just showing up at the right time.  These were my little wonders that really helped me grow, feel more confident and even not feel so isolated within myself.

Damien by Herman Hesse

This book came at a turning point in my life.  My intuitive abilities would sort of come on strong and fade ever since I was a child.  This book came at a time when it was strong and I felt very odd and different as I didn’t know anyone having experiences like I was.  This book was written about people who were having those types of experiences and it came as such a relief.  I felt like if someone could write a book like that then there were people out there like myself.  It contains a quote I have always carried with me and perhaps has defined my quest for inner growth.  It says as I remember it, “Love shall not entreat or demand love shall have the strength to become certain within itself then ceases to merrily be attracted and begins to attract…”  The piece of sentence really propelled me to understand that love was actually a way of life rather than a feeling.  I am still learning that lesson.

Other Books: Siddhartha is another good book by this author.

The Drama of the Gifted Child by Alice Miller

This book was the first book I ever read in the field of psychology.  It came at a time when I was questioning life.  I read this during my undergraduate degree.  It really helps you to understand how different types of parenting can affect you both negatively and positively.  I had never thought about this before and since I felt I was emotionally struggling I was able to make some connections that were helpful to me.  These connections provided me an avenue to work on myself in a psychological way that I had never entertained.  It is a great book for people exploring their childhood even if you have never read anything in this type of genre before.

I Come as a Brother by Bartholomew and is channeled by Margaret Mary Moore

I remember this book so clearly because the way it came to was unlike the others which came to me by a suggestion of a friend or academia.  This book came to me one day when I was sitting on campus listening to some 80s music like ABC or the Cult and a guy I had never really spoken to came up to me and started a conversation.  He was in the periphery of the friends I hung out with and I think we may have been introduced once before this meeting, but never had a conversation.

We were not talking about anything out of the ordinary except “whats up” type conversation and then he just pulled this book out of his bag and said I should read it.  I asked him what it was and he just said I think you would like it.  He never was a guy of many words I would come to understand over the next couple years, so the fact he made such a bold recommendation was unusual.

Luckily I took his advice and picked up the book and read it.  I was fascinated that a person might be able to reach beyond this world to another world and have that spirit or consciousness speak through them.  This book really fit as it came after my quest to finding the love as a way of life and not a feeling.  This book gave me hope that perhaps we were not put here haphazardly, but that maybe there was a Divine Plan of some sort.  It gave me hope and opened up a whole new genre of books that I read avidly for 15 years.

Other books in the genre:  Conversations with God books by Neal Donald Walsh and The Disappearance of the Universe by Gary Renard (this one recommended by my mentor Robert Mosby), Messages from God by Anne Puryear

Gestalt Therapy Integrated by Irving and Miriam Polster

I read a few books on the type of psychotherapy I studied, but for some reason this one resonated with me.  They somehow chose words that really identified with my lexicon. There isn’t really much to say about this as it is a pretty technical book, but if you want to understand Gestalt Therapy I think it is one of the best written.  I think Fritz Pearls the founder of Gestalt Therapy was definitely the master, but I like this book for explaining the therapy.  Fritz Pearls studied in the East and eastern philosophy and it is an integral part of gestalt therapy.  I think the line he said to explain the clinicians approach, “The God in me sees the God in you.”, really made sense to me and led my sessions after that.  Later I would discover this really was from the word Namaste.  Having studied some Buddhist traditions later, I would really see how my study had come full circle.

Other books: Ego Hunger and Aggression by F.S. Perls, Gestalt Therapy by Paul Goodman

A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson

We can go back to that original quote from Damien about love and when I read this book I really saw a practical, grounded way of moving in the world in a more loving and positive way.  When I read the book sometime after graduating from my undergraduate I couldn’t hold a lot of what she was saying, but I understood that it could be a goal of mine to really experience what she was saying.  It is loving when it is most difficult to love that is the true test.  Loving when we are jealous, angry, and especially feel betrayed is the true test.  Marianne really brings this possibility to light and even if you can’t seem to grasp it at the time, if you contemplate it in time it will sink in.   As life experiences happen it will help make you see the truth that the best defense to any situation is an open heart.

Flower of Life Vol. 1 and 2 by Drunvalo Melchizedek

A good friend of mine was taught the merkaba meditation and I took the class and enjoyed and practiced the meditation for years.  This experience led me to these books. These two books really were a stretch for me to read.  It took me awhile to get though them.  We all ask the question like where did we come from?  Well this was the first book I ever read that answered that question with any sort of fact or quasi fact behind it.  This book really stretched my idea of what was possible.  On our path we really need these type of books to help us stretch our belief systems and experience in life.  If we don’t do that we will only ever be stuck in our perceptions and miss things in life because we are not awake enough to see.  We need to prepare out mind for the impossible so when it happens we don’t miss it.  These two volumes sure did that for me.

Another book that made me think and open up my mind: The Initiate by Cyril Scott

Autobiography of a Yogi by Parmahansa Yogananda

This book really kind of brought all of what I read before into reality.  When I say reality it means that it seemed like every esoteric book I read that seemed out there or weird, well this book really had to make me realize in my mind that all things are possible and maybe things were not as weird as I thought.  It is about the life of yogi Parmahansa Yogananda.  His experiences of growing up with Enlightened Beings that I only likened to someone like Jesus was really inspiring.  The book really demonstrates what a teacher student relationship is for anyone on a spiritual quest.  The fact that this was someone in our time gave me hope there were many more Beings like this working and assisting humanity in its upliftment.  Ultimately I think we all want to know we are not alone, there is some sort of God and this book really made that a tangible reality for me.

These books that stretch your imagination and mind to the possibilities in life have helped me see little miracles that we might miss everyday.  I have many examples, but I will relate this one.  I was in a taxi in New York City with a friend.  We were speeding uptown to meet some friends.  Suddenly a car pulled out and stopped abruptly in front of us.  What I saw was my friend put up his hands to brace himself and let out a moan.  The driver swerved as much as he could yelling something at the driver and putting up one of his arms.  I sat still and watched.  What happened was the corner of the hood of the taxi I was in became opaque or not solid and moved through the back of the car and became solid on the other side.  The taxi driver stopped and continued to yell at the man and was visibly shaken and my friend said to me, “I can’t believe we didn’t hit that car. I knew we were going to hit it.”  I related the story to him and he quickly became a believer because in his mind there was no possible way we wouldn’t hit that car without “something” happening.  I can’t explain an experience like this, but because I was open to see, I saw it. It helped me relax and know what ever is coming is coming and whatever is not meant to be won’t arrive.

When I tell this story to people many people have come out and said they have had similar experiences driving.  I will relate a couple of them. One person told me of driving into a tree, seeing the crash their car crunch in front of them, brace and hit the steering wheel and see the windshield crack and then blink….they were back on the highway with nothing wrong.  Another person was with a friend and the friends dog got off the leash and ran in front of a car.  They saw the car do that opaque type thing and the dog stayed unharmed where the car had just passed.

As I have reminisced about this journey I am sure I would not have gone to see healers like John of God had I not already been open to it from these books.  I think I might have said it wasn’t true or that he was a charlatan of some sort because my belief system couldn’t hold what I heard that he did.  I am glad I went and experienced what John of God does first hand  and I did because I was open to see.

So whether you believe these type of books or not, I would recommend reading them or books like them with an open mind and that open mind will lead you to new experiences in life that you haven’t dreamed of.  Beliefs change as we grow.  If your beliefs don’t change you are not growing.  Stay open, be open, be still and watch what really happens.

More Truth Will Set You Free by Derek O’Neill

This book encapsulates my years learning from what I consider my most profound mentor and he continues to be. It is rich with wisdom, practical knowledge and tools.  I continue to read the chapters that correspond with the issues I am having in life and use the book to help explain concepts in workshops.  Derek has a way of saying the hidden obvious and truth that really resonate with me and many others from around the world.  Again, his blending of the psychological and esoteric really add another dimension into the field of transpersonal psychology that I feel no one has tapped into quite like Derek.  Anyone who reads this book would be transformed on some level in some way.  I know I have been transformed by this incredible man’s work and his example.

what clients are saying “It was an extraordinary experience. Since then my life has changed in a profound way.” ~ V.H., Phoenix AZ