Mentorship & Coaching

Why Mentorship?
At every cross road in my life a mentor always appeared, whether that be personal, professional, or a blend of the two. This person took my hand and led me across a dark or difficult place or showed me how it wasn’t really dark or difficult at all. These mentors were so important on my journey in life, and some continue to be very instrumental. I look forward to being that person for you, as you show up for your life and find new ways to think, new ways to be, and new ways to grow spiritually.  The mentor always became a spiritual connection or link to what was next.

What is motivational mentorship?
It is a program where I mentor you through your experience of life using my personal and spiritual life experiences, along with spiritual experience, intuition and energy therapy training. I have applied what I have learned from my schooling and experiences to my own life and with my clients, and have watched the transformation occur.

I have dealt with a range of issues in my own life.  The common link I have observed between all of these issues is a soul yearning to know Itself. It is how we perceive and deal with events that sets us up for what is coming next.

It is time to believe in yourself.  It is time to believe that you have all the answers you need.  It is time to stop saying “I don’t know” and engage the knowing inside of you.  It is time to stop side-stepping life and yourself. You know how you got to where you are today, even if it is not conscious. Let’s take the time reveal those things that you have hidden away from yourself so you can be who you are, lovingly and unapologetically. It is time to stand in the power of You. It is time to stop living unconsciously, and live a more conscious, spiritual life.

How long is the mentorship?
It can be one session or multiple sessions or even a whole day.

How long is each session?
That depends on each individual client. I work in half hour increments so each session is as long or short as you need. It can also be up to a full day.

How long between sessions?
Typically the sessions are 2 to 3 weeks apart, but follow no set schedule.  Its whatever me and the client intuitively feel.

Why not weekly sessions?
It takes time to integrate what you have learned each session, and have life give you the feedback and material you need for the next session.

What does each session consist of?
Some mentor sessions consist of one or a combination of the following:  mentoring chats,  experiential sessions and energetic therapies.   The mentoring comes from the wisdom of my mentors, spiritual wisdom, intuition and what I have been able to learn from my own life.  The experiential comes from you experiencing the session and paying close attention to what comes after the session to come to your own conclusions and self empowerment.

Do I have to engage in energetic therapies?
Yes you do, as that is what I have discovered brings quicker results and longer lasting results both on myself and my clients.  The reason for this is we have a energetic system both within and outside the physical body.  These systems are right there with us as each event and experience happens in our life.  If we don’t clear these systems then these systems will only repeat old patterns.  It is the remedy for the question I hear all the time, “I know the issue, I know why I do it, I know where it comes from but I just can’t seem to fully change it.”  It also seems to remove a lot of the drama that comes with recounting events and experiences.  I have found this method can bring a easier reality to difficult experiences.

what clients are saying “I resonated completely with the songs you used during the guided meditations.” ~ S.R., Phoenix AZ